The Dilemma
0 comment Monday, September 1, 2014 |
After consulting with the folks with regard to a woodburning's just too much money. WAY beyond my means and even though I have quite a bit saved, I'd need to double it just to get everything sorted out as it turns out the chimney does need lining. After much soul-searching, the truth remains: I am renting. I'd rather buy a few space heaters and have done, save a bit for the winter costs and leave it at that.
However, I still have this windfall sitting here and I am still trying to figure out what to do with it. Child's room has been updated, he has new clothes, new shoes, a bit left for his checkup with the dentist this summer (he has to go private for heavy sedation and they are so lovely it's worth the money), I've had some clothes for myself done, shoes as well, cleaner for house...what else?
Well, I'm considering getting myself a new computer and giving my son my laptop, for many different reasons. I like being able to update bits and bobs rather than having to do the whole thing, and more to the point, if the hard-drive fries I can just get another one. If the hard-drive on THIS fries, I have to buy a whole new computer regardless. Sproggo could have this one and then I could get a new system entirely since I need the power and the storage.
I'm still going back and forth about it, frightfully indulgent but my portfolio and writing work is stored on this thing and I simply cannot risk losing all of it yet again.