Yet Another Snow Day
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My son's school is closed again - he's been in school now for a grand total of three days since Xmas break, thanks to the general ineptitude of southern counties when it comes to dealing with snow. The busses can't make it round a turn which is clogged with cars to either side, and Wiltshire doesn't believe in plows or gritters. Argh! So I've had to cancel my TS appointment and I will now spend the day trying to entertain my child.
This is a problem most parents face on such days, but my son isn't the sort of child you can leave to entertain himself. So far in the past 24 hours, he has peeled even more wallpaper off his walls (and this would have been the week I'd go and start stripping the stuff, but I can't if the schools are going to be closed for the rest of the week, which looks very likely). He has soaked the bathroom carpet (stupid place for carpet if you ask me), broken a slat on his bed (again) due to jumping on it, thrown a small meltdown as I had to bring him inside as he's completely unaware when he's starting to get cold - his hands and toes are red. It will be constant videos played on my laptop as the telly broke before the holidays, and me wracking my brains for new entertainments with a child who has an attention span for activites which lasts all of 10 minutes maximum.
I'm glad I managed to put my hair in dreadfalls last night - it's one less thing to worry about; being able to just get out of bed without having to style or comb my hair is awesome. And besides, it looks pretty cool too!
I'm on energy-reserve mode right now, keeping an eye on child outside, doing dishes and a load of laundry but nothing horribly ambitious when it comes to cleaning. My son won't stop going till 7pm and I'll have to be able to keep up. With all the snow, sprog will want to spend a good portion of time outside, so the radiators will be well loaded with wet clothes most the day.
Sprog will be outside all day if he could - the new-fallen snow is a wonder he hasn't managed to grow weary of, but he only saw snow for the very first time last year when snow fell nearly a foot deep in London. I let him out early, before sunrise, when the lights were still on and the neighbourhood has that eerie orangish glow that happens only when snow is coming down thick and fast. He tromped all over the yard, with Ludo, then a rather smallish puppy, at his heels, round and round, in lines that crossed back and forth.
I pull him in due to necessity as his clothes aren't entirely suited for this kind of weather, and his skin is very sensitive to chafing. It's not easy to get him in with all that snow, and I cna't blame him. It certainly looks lovely out there - but needs must. I admit I'm a bit envious; I can't go outside in the cold and snow these days for very long if I want to still be able to move, and moving with Sprog is rather vital. But it's still pretty, maybe even more so if I don't have to go out in it and feel the cold.
And we go, sprog inside now demanding Bob the Builder. Maybe I can tempt him to cook with me a little today.

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