Better Late Than Never
0 comment Sunday, September 28, 2014 |
After several decades of desperately wanting to write, giving it up for "real" work, trying another go, getting lost in the "real" world again, and then finally saying "Fine, I'll finish it..." I have. A story I started some time ago finally managed to finish itself for me (as that's how it usually goes) and I have published to Kindle. I expect it may get lost in the crush at the moment as a lot of people are publishing to Kindle at the moment - a fair portion of it rather dreadful stuff - and charging cheap cheap cheap. For me, it's not just about publishing or the royalties at the end, but about bringing some quality stuff out there to get the imaginations of readers going. I think Lon'Aite manages to do that, even if it isn't even remotely "mainstream" (I've been practicing my smile when people say 'Gee you could be the next Rowling' - ugh, no thanks, but I'd be more than happy to be the next Mervyn Peake!).
If you like your fairies a bit "gritty"; if you preferred The Brothers Grimm to anything done by Disney; if you didn't find Tolkien's books to be "too long" or the "words too big"; and if wandering a wood full of bluebells gives you a feeling both of wonder and, ever so slightly, of menace, then I'm thinking you may enjoy walking in Lon'Aite for a while.
Provided, of course, you can find your way back.