Toms And Mums And A Little Spinny Thing
0 comment Sunday, September 28, 2014 |
You probably can't see the little-spinny-thing due to the sunlight in sprog's bit of garden, but it's there. I've also placed the toms and chillies in the growhouses on his bit - the one bit of stable ground which isn't going to get dug up, though topsoil will get raked in at that point.
You can see the new plants down toward the bottom - sprog chose the white osteopermum to go into one of his blue pots, and there's chamomile growing in the other. Lined up are the medicinal herbs, peppermint, snapdragon, more osteos, a few dianthus, and the psychedelic geranium.
We ate outside today, and played with bubbles in sprog's bit. We planted some more peas and transplanted the sunflowers into bigger pots - the final pot before I instate them in sprog's bit of garden in a month or so. We've still got more digging to do but I'm waiting on the clemantis and the "Red Rum" bush mallow which I think will look really good along the fence.
So my "weed infested" garden is coming along very nicely, thanks!

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