Prayers Have Been Answered!
0 comment Tuesday, August 19, 2014 |
My trip into the very local market today to search for very local produce paid off; even though I've known one of the co-owners of Angel Cottage Farm for years (he works at the local Neal's Yard) I had no idea he had a smallholding, and even less of a clue that he was raising chicken and lamb. Good grief, I've known him since before there was a sprog and never thought to ask about endeavours. But, he's now in production and I purchased a very hefty (and expensive, true) free range chicken which he processed only last week; it's had a chance to hang a bit and honestly it a massive bird. The meat was even better than the barn-raised stuff I've been having recently and I'm really chuffed with the quality. I'll be happy to be alternating the lamb with the rare breed lamb supplier from Langley Chase. That's our lamb and chicken now sorted, and we tend to eat that the most! I also stopped by for some local sausages from another local producer, but I'm still casting about for more pork (though we don't eat it often).
In addition, the autumn raspberries are in and the last of the strawberries too, so after visiting another local stall I scored not only these fruits but also - joy of joys - some onion squash. My hunt for squash was not in vain! So very chuffed, me; so I'm looking forward to my first squash of the fall, gently roasted with olive oil, cracked pepper, sea salt, sage from my garden and some local bacon (still had a bit left).
I had a lot of errand-running today and sorted out some overdue issues, though I'm still behind on getting my physio figured out. However, I won't really be able to start till September when sprog is back in school, so maybe that's well and good enough. I'm getting there.
Sprog is still on holiday with his dad in Yorkshire, and so I'm revelling in the quiet! I love Sproggo, truly I do, but he is a LOT of work, and on days like I've had on Monday, sometimes it's a good thing that I don't have an extra issue to deal with! However I have awesome friends; and while they clean my house, I cook for them. It works! We've been trading produce from our respective gardens since the crops have come in, and soon it will be apple trading from our respective trees and a fair bit of baking on my part to be sure we're all well catered for during the winter.
So I've now pretty much done all my major energy-requiring tasks for the day. It's now a cosy up on the daybed, have some tea, consider doing a bit more sewing on the Impractical Coat and then a movie and early bed. Sprog will be home before I know it so I'm racking up the extra hours of kip whilst I can!