Recovery And Low-Maintenance Living
0 comment Tuesday, August 19, 2014 |
I managed to get an attack of food poisoning a few days ago and that has made managing sprog this week rather interesting. I ran out of food selections for him and ended up having to order his favourite; pizza. Enough for several days, but he's really starting to pack on the weight now - he does this in fits and starts and I have to carefully monitor his eating as he's completely unaware of when he's eaten enough. Granted, when summer rolls round sprog tends to eat very little at all - not to mention the shirts I just bought him a few weeks ago are now looking small on him again (wrists now coming somewhere around the forearm). Since my lad is six and those clothes were for 10-12 year olds, I'd say a growth-spurt is kicking in bigtime at the moment. I'll be buying clothing again very soon, maybe this week if I can manage it, though taking sprog for shopping can be difficult.
The half-term is winding down, and so am I - the house inspection for the rental is today, and cleaning during half term when sprog is home is a joke, especially today with it being cold and wet outside and most of the garden has turned into a mudfield. The one benefit of this, however, is that it means we might be able to venture into town and have it all to ourselves as very few other people will be out and about. Less bother and commentary by others as my son zooms around like a whippet on Red Bull, stopping into our habitual stores and playing with habitual toys.
One thing I did manage to do was let sprog man/child/wump the camera and take photos of some of his plants. He likes closeup shots and attention to extreme detail (it's a bit eerie as that's how my late uncle used to take his award-winning photographs, some things seem to run in the male line). For six years of age, he has a very mature eye.
Leeks are leeking - sprog was fascinated at the wee seeds on the end and tried to get a closeup.
Pots in a row on front windowsill, lavender, thyme, sage, asters, and a few I've forgotten already (good thing they're labelled)
Today we had another surprise; the cherry tree arrived. What makes the tree such a SQUEE is I was expect a maiden whip sort of tree, but this is already pruned. I'm pleasantly surprised. It might even produce fruit for us this year which would be awesome (though possibly wildly optimistic) - this was a gift from a friend, and I am very happy to have this in the garden! It isn't in an ideal place but, as you can probably see from the photo, the back garden lower portion has turned into a mudpit. It will get moved to a more ideal location and I'll tie the branches down to the edge of the pot as gently as I can to give a bit more shape to the tree. So THANK you - next mission: raspberries and a mulberry (though not till next year!)
This mud-flat issue I'm having at the moment will change by the end of March (one hopes!) when the paving will be laid down, and then I can fill my pots and arrange in earnest! Things take shape, and hopefully I will hear back on the grantwork as well.
The urge to be planting everything in the ground right this minute is VERY strong, but it's still too early - besides, planting the cherry tree used up the last of my coir and wormcastings, so further planting will have to wait until I can get new supplies in! However, the compost is ticking over nicely again, and I should be able to keep things nicely topped up through the year.