A Wee Bit Of Energy
0 comment Monday, August 4, 2014 |
I managed to stir myself in order to head out with neighbours to the Recycle Centre in order to get some of the local "Warrior Compost" - organic compost made in Wiltshire from the green bins people use in the area. Thank you, green-bin-people, thank you...because I brought home six bags of lovely, dense, black gold and spent the very scant sunlight-in-the-afternoon time repotting very overgrown indoor plants, potting up my garlic, getting my onions in the ground, shallots as well, starting off the first of a huge amount of potatoes, and and then planting some orange hubbard pumpkin seeds to see if I could get some of those going somewhere (though I'm still trying to decide where they'll go so Ludo won't eat them. I'd like my black futsu in the ground as well - I'm possibly being extremely optimistic as the summers haven't been anywhere near warm enough for squash to do well, but I'm SO tired of butternut squashes, it's not true. Maybe I can put them under a rudimentary cloche of some sort and hope! I also put my raspberry canes in a pot - not ideal, but when I said I was going to plant them out my neighbour protested; at her gran's house, the canes ran rampant and what was planted up against a fence then ran into the middle of the garden and she doesn't want them in her yard. Yes, I suppose if you never tended the canes, they'd do this, they are a bramble, but still, I shan't argue the point, and keep them potted up. I may even use my window-boxes when they start to sprout off so I can keep them in tidy rows.
With all the activity yesterday, however, I am once again utterly exhausted. Stupid of me, but I was so thrilled to get that compost in. I've certainly not planted everything but as they're predicting snow of all things at the beginning of April (joy :/ ) I didn't want to put anything out and then risk it not germinating; the carrots are going to have to wait until late April, for example.
I had six bags of compost but with all the planting and potting up, there's only one bag left now! I really wish there was a way to deliver the compost bags rather than having to go to the Centre - for people who want to garden and yet cannot drive, it's a bit of a dilemma. Still, the volunteer group is hopefully getting topsoil in for my raised bed, and if they do there will more than likely be a bit left over, so I can certainly manage to get the rest of the pots filled up.
The Wumpy House is currently being designed, and with luck will be ready to put into place by June; it's just a matter of getting ex out here with the tools, get the supplies, and then keep sprog out of his hair long enough that it can be built with a minimum of fuss and fight. However the Wump will get his chance, as he'll be allowed to help paint it. I've got two pots reserved to put out front of his own house, and will grow nasturtiums and chamomile in both - I should start some more chamomile, come to that; but will save that for Easter week, when sprog can help me pot up some more seeds.
Once the volunteers have been in, it will be time for me to bring the garden furniture into the outbuilding in the hopes it will dry out a bit so I can give it a proper clean and scrub, then give it a bit of treatment for the new year out. I've got a spare tarp outside rescued from the "compost" area which is going to be pressed into use to keep the furniture dry from now on, once it too gets a good scrub, so I've still got plenty to do in prep for spring - whenever it decided to arrive.
It's grim and dank outside and I'm on "energy maintenance mode" at the moment - which means business has suffered a bit this week as I haven't even listed new soaps or blogged for fans - but I'm still keeping a fair-weather eye on the horizon, and how much fun the summer will be.