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Today child is showing symptoms of The Lurgy after having a week from Hades resulting from yet another crap weekend at his dad's. Any attempts to discuss this with his father fell upon deaf ears and I really give up even trying. Sprog and I against the world I guess. In any event, seems child has picked up whatever bug his father had and I hope it doesn't get bad or we could Have A Problem; if I get it I'll be down for the count for weeks and I simply cannot have that happen right now. I'm still trying to catch up with all the lost time from having nearly all of April off from doing any major work due to holidays and wedding faff.
Here is where I am very thankful for having the herbal garden and herbal stocks I have; a mallow root tincture combined with some ginger and cinnamon in honey/lemon water has dosed child properly, moved the gunk in his lungs more productively and soothed his throat. I can add chamomile and lavender to the honey-lemon to help him sleep tonight, and put some sage in hot water in his room, beneath his bed to help him breathe a bit better. All very useful!
This week I try to divide my time between painting and writing. I've got another script nearly sorted and written, and a watercolour is on the verge of being finished. Two pieces are in two different art competitions and one script in a writing comp. That sounds really brilliant until I realise I used to be able to write and send to my work out weekly - now I'm lucky if I can get it done within a month's time. It's frustrating but I grit my teeth and try and do what I can to prove that saying I'm a writer and artist isn't just a fancy way of saying "unemployed".
I'm trying to hold onto my health for dear life this week as on Monday I am off to try and solidify plans for a prospective residential school for the Wump. This is starting to look more and more like a possibility - even to the point the LEA may even back down on the appeal tribunal as I just have too much evidence that mainstream is the worst place for my child. Even the school wants to move him and has stated this in a report I sent in. To therefore argue that all the LEA will do is send him to yet another mainstream school is folly in the extreme. What I do worry about however is the possibility of them sending my son to a behavioural needs school (somewhere for kids who are 'naughty' rather than a place specifically for autistic children). No.
In any event, things do progress and I have asked for every single incident report on my son over the past two years, invoking the Freedom of Information Act. I'm cringing already, to be honest- I imagine it's a very thick file. It's been a difficult couple of years for everyone involved but I feel we're reaching the crux point now.
There are still plenty of worries however; the proposed changes to the SEN papers which will essentially abolish Statements entirely is more than a little worrying. So is the cutting of mobility allowance for anyone in care homes or residential school (i.e. I've no idea how I would get to and from sprog's school without the funds to do so, but I'd have to find a way). Then there's Labour now clamouring once more for ID cards for anyone not born in the UK, which turns me once again into "immigrant scum". Anyone who has been round here for a while is already well aware of the whole issue with being disabled full stop. It seems like I'm being attacked from all sides at the moment and no matter what part I try to cover, it just leaves another bit to be exposed for another sucker punch. This is the way I and many other people are rolling right now - and it's how I've been rolling for a few years now.
It sort of makes sense why the ex bailed and found a normal family to shack up with, sometimes. Gods knows I'm getting tired of this mess.
In any event, onward. The thing about fighting these kinds of battles is that I really don't feel I've got anything else left to lose.

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