Two Weeks In One Entry
0 comment Friday, July 11, 2014 |
Right, I'm trying to recap everything into one entry as things are going to be quite manic next week.
Been getting back into the swing of a new year...and discovering once again that the Statement wasn't going to do the job. The "named pupil allowance" which is giving sprog someone to be with him in school seems to be functioning more like a babysitter than anything else. I'm not getting updates on what he's been doing - sprog has been exploding regularly because apparently there was zero gradual transition to getting eased into mainstream in. So it looks like we're going to be doing more of what we did last year in getting the new head, new teachers and new class with the programme. And...breathe.
I have started physio but to be honest it really isn't doing much for me at the moment; the pool is too cold, and it takes ten minutes before I stop shivering. But, I think it is actually helping my stamina, and my joints manage a lot better than they would even on my beloved elliptical trainer. The downside of course is once I've gone to swimming, that's me done for the day. I literally can plan nothing else whatever that day, and that means the most I can do right now is two visits a week, otherwise I'd never get anything else done. If all goes well with the Care Package Assessment, I'll at the very least get someone to help with cleaning the house so that will be one less thing I need to fuss about. Transport help would be awesome as well - what I end up spending on getting everywhere in the week is growing extortionate.
Swimming lessons for sprog (or synchronised flailing as I call it) are going well. He missed last week as I didn't have the money to get him there and back via taxi - the leisure centre is a long way from the bus, and coming back is a huge hill. I can't manage it at all, so we spend nearly �20 to get sprog to and from a week. Ouch. But he loves it.
While I was in internet exile, I did writing. A lot of writing, longhand - very oldschool. I also have been challenging myself to draw daily as well, and even though I've only had one class, I've learned new things about pencil strokes and tone of pencils, I already notice a huge difference in the quality of my work. I'd still rather bite off my own tongue than call myself an artist - but I feel the same way about calling myself a writer. When I have a steady paycheque THEN I'll call myself an artist or writer. I'm enjoying it, but it's sort of the same story as the other stuff I'm doing; I'm exhausted for the rest of the day and into the next just recovering.
And yet, at the same time, I've got even more things on the go. I'm going to be soaping through October - I want to get some stock out there to some wholesale friends of mine for Christmas. It takes sooooo much pressure off doing things that way, really - I make it, someone else sells it. Yay! Christmas was really hard on me last year and I don't want the nightmare this time round. Somewhere in there, I have to get the energy to do all of that.
Garden is put to bed, but I've seeds to plant in November - broad beans, early peas, and a new type of tomato to try next year which hopefully will produce better than the Hungarians (as lovely as they were, I got so few of them). The grass has grown again with all the rain we had last week (our city centre was actually under a foot of water one morning!) but it's too cold for me to cut it. I'll leave it as it is.
The whole week, between fighting to get my comp back, trying not to go mad without being able to have just about everything at my fingertips - writing, drawing, sprogging, and so forth, I was also planning for tomorrow, which is sprog's surprise birthday party. He'll be seven next Wed, which is just weird to even be typing that...he's never had his own party and I've invited friends who are all wonderful and amazingly tolerant. They won't care if my house is perfectly clean, if my son kicks off due to too much sugar. They're bringing food, cake, knitting things to try and teach my fumbly fingers to do some woolwork, talk soap and trade some surplus fall produce. No stress, no trying to be "perfect". Going to be awesome, I'm looking forward to it. I've done a bit of hoovering about but that's pretty much the extent of my cleaning for this event. They're not coming to see my house, but to see sprog and I. So yay!
All in all, things have been busy. While the weather is getting colder I'm finding things to keep myself and sprog occupied; he has paints and today we did some painting together which was a bit frustrating (he wanted to try and tell me how to paint and grabbed my brush a few times) but we got there in the end. I'll have writing and painting and I had it in mind to knit some things once my friends teach me how.
Creativity abounds, even while the earth goes to sleep. I'll hopefully be able to keep the momentum.