Sewing Squee!
0 comment Thursday, July 10, 2014 |
My sewing stuff finally arrived! It was a bit of faff to be honest but so glad I got it sorted now. I've got a new dress form which I spent a good half hour adjusting to my measurements and still not getting it quite right (curse my long torso! curse my Afrotique bootay!) but at least it's better than me trying to eyeball everything and getting it all completely wrong as I'm not the world's most gifted seamstress.
The main perk was the patterns; I have rather weirdish tastes in clothes and your option in sewing seems to got from "trying to look trendy with an obviously homemade item" to "country girl with ducks with bows round their necks". I like some girliness and frough-frough, but there is no way in the world I'd be caught unalive in anything gingham - I do admit I'm a bit envious of some of the more "romantic-country" looks but I just would look ridiculous if I tried it. If it's not in jewel-tones with maybe a hint of white here and there, black, velvet, "goth", and properly corseted with appropriate boning, I've probably been assimilated by the pod-people and who you're seeing is actually an imposter.
These patterns are discontinued; the first one there in black(natch) is a pattern which was one of my favourites Back in the Day and was a staple of my wardrobe. I can never have enough tops and tunics and I've also found some which were discontinued several years ago, as well as a few costume patterns which, if you're an alternative type, aren't just for fancy dress, but everyday wear! The pillow patterns has sprog's especial interest as he wants a bunch of these in his room, and I'm also very fond of loads of pillows myself. It's a good starter set of patterns, and of course I'll be adding more as the time comes - sprog has been asking for a new robe, for example, so I'll have to invest.
So now I have the patterns and I have the dressform, but horror of horrors, I haven't got a stitch of fabric! Woe. I've even been spelunking about in my scraps box to see if maybe I could just bash a few pillows together, but meh, no chance. However the scrap-box delving did make me realise I need a much better storage system. I knew that however; I have a lot of non-utilised space in my workroom which is crying out for shelving and boxes to keep fabric straight. I cheat with this, usually - recycling kitchen cabinets people sell on ebay when they refurbish their current kitchens work really well - lots of space! Definitely needed with all the soaping and sewing.
Plots and plans. I'm going to be busy during the winter, but I'll be trying to keep it easy as well. I don't have major plans this winter and I'm not attending any fairs, keeping the time off work as a very strict thing until I have more of a handle on my health. But at the same time I don't want to be bored stiff. Already it's getting too easy to stay on the computer and watch videos all day long and that's just, meh.
Fabric run next week though for sure!