Planting Entertainment
0 comment Sunday, July 20, 2014 |
This week, along with baking, videos, walking the dog and other ventures to get sprog out and about, we're sowing even more seeds! He's been up in arms about doing peas and carrots right NOW and I've been trying to stave him off but I think I better start at least a few peas for him; I intend on doing succession planting in that regard so hopefully will have results. The bed won't be ready till the end of March, however, though I do intend on warming the bed up a bit with a makeshift cloche (read - old sheet) so I can get our carrot strips in; I found a resource for homemade carrot strips and we'll give that a go to keep the thinning down.
Seeds are coming up, to sprog's delight; the leeks are springing up and seem to be doing all right, the tagetes are growing well, the coriander as well. Sage is showing itself in one pot, though not in the They're on different sills however and one gets less light. The asters are up and I'll be transplanting them when they're big enough to handle. Lavender is showing a few leaves as well though their rate from seed is notoriously poor - still figured it was worth a shot. The first planting of chamomile is looking good as well, and will need dividing soon. Sprog checks the plants daily and gives them a water - I'll let him take photos tomorrow (he's good with a camera) and will post them up.
Today, I've planted some old evening primrose seeds (we'll see what sort of germination rate I get). I've also put some heirloom toms in wet toilet paper to give them a start in germinating. I have selected yellow "pear" tomatoes and a heirloom variety called Hungarian Heart tomatoes which I thought might be nice for preserving and cooking. I managed to even get some "mulatto" peppers, imports from Mexico, and I am going to experiment by growing seed from some dried Aji Limo peppers I have here at home. I'll check those seeds in a few days and once germinated, transfer to some pots. I'm not sure how many toms I'll have by the end of it but I've got time to create their growhouse.
Tomorrow I'll relent on the peas and we'll start a few pots. Then, later, it will be zinnas, moving the rest of our strawberries and, hopefully, the cherry tree which is due this week.
I had best get to soaking more of the coir-blocks in preparation for the tree as it is bareroot and I don't know exactly when it will be coming. Better safe than not!