Plant A Difference, Wumpy House And A Thowt
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Plant a Difference from Thrive Charity is sending me a box of donated perennial plants! I'm very chuffed at this and looking forward to what will arrive on Friday. Since the entire week has been dedicated to "digging" in one form or another, I'm very pleased. Also on Friday the Wumpy House will be arriving, so I need to be sure that gets stowed somewhere safe-ish for the week as it won't get assembled until the following weekend (and by "safe" this also means "completely out of Sprog's Point Of View or I'll never hear the end of it"). Very chuffed!
My tools in the form of soil rake, a "digger" and a "scrapey thing" for weeds (technical terms of my own) has arrived. Yay, Wolf Garten. Sort-of-boo Ebay. Yes, the tools were much cheaper through ebay but they didn't come packaged or labelled - the price was incredibly low for these tools, which is why I bought them. But, as has become more and more clear to me, thieves are robbing people and then selling the spoils on ebay - entire truckloads of items are disappearing, warehouses being robbed, and since this happened recently to my dear Fairy Gardenmother, I actually was wanting to cancel my tool order, but it arrived today. Suffice to say, even though I now have some damn good tools, I'll be a bit more cautious in the future about the too-good-a-deal. In order for something to be a bargain, more often than not it means someone else has just managed to get screwed.
Now, with all this activity happening, and what promises to be two days this week of gardening interspersed with soapwork, I find myself thinking there's a possible book in all these trials and tribulations. I used to be a writer, but fibro-fog and fatigue has made focussing on creating new subject matter quite difficult. Now, since the subject matter is here right in front of me, I am thinking about it; I'll have to put my mind to it and see what I can do, though it will take time - considerably more time than it used to due to concentration, or the lack thereof.

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