New Computer
0 comment Sunday, July 20, 2014 |
My new system has finally arrived! I have dubbed it The Beast as it's possibly the swankest system I've ever had; considering that it's been years since I've had a desktop I'm completely baffled at everything this thing can do so it's a bit of an adjustment period! However I'm really happy with it. Still setting everything up as I've imported my files (I remember when you had to do that with dozens of floppy disks - anyone remember those?) but it's coming together, hurrah!
Child will have old computer and he's coming home today so should be thrilled; I hope to take him out tomorrow into town, pain willing, and get some cheese-straws and general wump-mum time. This requires cash however and it's been so long since I've been out I think I may have forgotten my pin number. Yes, that's rather pathetic but true - socialising is a bit of a nebulous word, and even while child was away I spent more time faffing about than anything.
Still, I have managed to harvest from the garden - one sage bush is now up and drying for culinary and medicinal use, I've got all the peas and broad beans out, and the Christmas spuds finally arrived and are being placed in the ground. I'm getting tomatoes by twos and threes, and strawberries are coming in big and ripe, harvesting greens for stirfries and soups as and when. The garden is being nursed back into shape, the front now looking decent again, now got to work on the back anew.
It's a good day.