Brighten A Gray Day
0 comment Monday, July 28, 2014 |
After yesterday's sun, it was rather dreary today with lead skies and even more rain. The glads outside were looking a bit battered, and the dahlias so laden with blooms they were starting to droop, so I brought a bit of colour inside - and then realised when I took the photo I'm also showing off the pile of laundry I am currently working through folding-wise. Such is life here!
Today is a bit touch-and-go - weather change means child is whingy and weebly and everything is being countered with a "Whyyyyyy" "But I want-!" and the demand for the dozenth viewing of old Muppet Show episodes. I suppose I needed something to balance out the very good day we had yesterday but it's not even 2pm yet and I'm ready to tear my hair out. Back to school tomorrow....inhale, exhale.
To counter the rubbish skies and the weebly child I decided to use up the last of my fresh toms in a goulash - using some of the fresh local chicken I had from yesterday's carcass, some local lamb, and my own peppers, onions, tomatoes and squash. I realised as I cut open the Hungarian Hearts that I did not grow enough tomatoes! These smelled amazing when I cut them open, and you'll notice there's a bit of a gap in the sliced Hungarians because I couldn't resist and ate one fresh right where I was standing. Even my son was amazed at the fragrance though he refused to touch any of them. With a qualm, I must admit these were the last - it's only the beginning of September and I'm already out of these wonderful tomatoes; obviously three plants wasn't anywhere near enough! I'm already turning my mind to somehow finding a way to dedicate an entire bed to the things, they were just THAT good.
So, goulash on the stove, fight to get child to eat his lunch won (it took an hour!) and I've now decided that with one battle sorted, I'm going to concede the war, and he can watch more videos today. Hopefully this means I can get him to shut them off later and we'll be able to read a book instead. And I'm sure I'll be in a better mood when I eat something as well - two slices of toast and a cup of coffee didn't fuel the tank for long, as I noticed I was starting to get the low-blood-sugar shakes a few minutes ago. Food won't be long now however!