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One day left!
This is a good thing because I have hit the proverbial "wall" of my endurance and patience. The lego set I bought sprog, thinking it would last for several days, was completed in one. Impressive, but I'm exhausted. Sprog, so used to having me to himself all week, refuses to allow me to answer the phone or check on my neighbour without immediately butting in and throwing a tantrum because he's no longer the centre of my attention. I've tried to keep him as occupied as I could, and I even included him in sewing some muslin cloths (which I intend on selling along with soaps and stuff), however the pain has kicked in with interest and I am now walking about with my cane at the end of the day.
Attempts at tidying up the garden was similarly thwarted by keeping the dog in check and then by keeping sprog from trying to talk to every single person who walked by - I wouldn't normally bother but people tend to react to this so poorly that I have tried to discourage him from talking to anyone he doesn't know, with little success. Needless to say, with the dog scratching a passer-by by jumping like a loon and sprog jumping up and down yelling at the top of his lungs to try to get all our attention focussed on him instead, gardening didn't get done much.
Behaviour classes for the dog are now being scheduled, and still working on the garden plans and grantwork and plotting and child entertaining and clearing out and making soap and...yeah you get the picture.
Today would be a good day to run off to the Maldives.

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