Autumn On The Boil
0 comment Sunday, July 27, 2014 |
After finally coaxing Sproggo out for a walk (it took a while, he's really wound up with the start of school only two days away) I found a massive stash of rosehips growing wild on an unused track. Bonus! Tomorrow we'll go and pick some for some rosehip sirip, but I also noted the elderberries were in full blush, and decided today would be a good day to get them boiled down for some sirip as well.
I had some rosehips from my own dog roses, and so I managed to throw a few of those in with some elderberries from the tree outside.
We had our first frost today - at least a month early! I'm now looking nervously at my squash and wondering if I shouldn't just haul them in even though there's no chance of them reaching full maturity. The apples will have some more time, as they improve with a bit of frost. Brambles are still trying to produce some fruit, but with the colder temperatures, they're going to have a big catch-up game. I still have enough blackberries leaning over from next door to make a pie or two, and so into the freezer they will go. Apples will go into a cardboard box and get stored, but I want to dry a few into rings. We'll see how far I manage with that.
On top of this I've got more sewing to do, still have to chase up whatever happened to my physio referral, and I'm going forth with my Mad Scheme and enrolling in a course to refine my technique in art and drawing with paints and pigments. Just going to get some childcare coverage and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it.
In the meantime, my house smells wonderful; if "your mother smelled of elderberries" I honestly wouldn't be too offended!