School Gauntlet
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The current school struggles away to try and keep child from wrecking the class or injuring children; meanwhile I managed to make the trip to the rather remote residential school (�50 cab fare...good grief how will I pay for that on a regular basis?!). The school was in a rural setting and for being a school for autistic children I was surprised at how quiet it was; also noted how many things there were to do - go karts, they had their own horses and stables, indoor pool, gym with climbing wall and a "boppit competition" wall, sensory room, and so on. All in all, it looked pretty good but the transport (which exhausted me for the rest of the day and I still feel a bit ropey this morning) is a huge issue - so much an issue that the school agreed that while their usual policy is to start a child on the 38 week programme, they have decided to petition for sprog to attend the full 52 weeks. This was further demonstrated by the "rabbit in headlights" look I'm getting used to when people ask about my respite/social care/assistance at home when ill (no, no and no). The more I have to answer this question, the more I see the reactions, the more I realise that the general public really has no idea who all these cuts are affecting, and that the whole "protect the most vulnerable" isn't actually happening.
I managed to drag myself home after several hours - and it was a beautiful if expensive blow in the country - and fell out totally. Utter exhaustion; I ordered in for myself as any chance of cooking was slim to none, and I could barely put a sentence together. It does seem a toss-up of late whether the joint pain or the fatigue is the worst issues. I'd have to say the latter as the former I can ignore; pain? Yeah, so what, I'm always in pain. But fatigue is impossible to deny and I just have to put everything up and sleep it off. It will be several days before I recover from the trip out, and I'm rather frustrated about this as I have things to do! But again, it can't be forced; no matter how much I want to sit here and seethe, it's pointless. It has to wait...again, everything has to wait until I can take little bites and chunks and pieces out the tasks it takes most people an hour to do, but takes me a week.

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