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I have never been so happy to see spring, and this spring has been glorious, albeit very dry. We've had days out on the outdoor Languishment Couch, eating Bailey's ice cream lollies and having rather convoluted discussions with child that 1) just because there's a bit of Baileys in his lolly doesn't mean he's 'drinking alcohol" and 2) telling people at school he's had alcohol isn't very sensible. I think that one is going to bite me in the bum later on.
Even though it's well windy out there, things come on in the garden The roses are forming HUGE buds on them (though one rosebush is showing signs of black-spot and I'll need to get some treatment started or I'll lose the whole bush),
the peonies both gifted and found are starting to open up.
I've been harvesting lettuce for a couple of weeks now and the carrots and favas are germinating. Peas and runner beans are up and I've just sowed another couple of rows of carrots and even more lettuce.The Sage That Ate the Vegetable Bed is going great guns! Just look at all that - I'm amazed at this plant. I'm leaving the flower buds on it as they bring lots of bees to the garden and I certainly won't complain about that. This isn't white sage - which is the traditional sage for smudging - but it is still a sacred plant and I have been tying it in bundles for smudging and to burn at night now and again. Hope to get a chiminea to burn some in the near future, but in this wind it would have to be a pretty heavy one. I have another sage in my herbal bed, which is flanked by thyme, lavender, mallows, two different types of bergamot, enough catmint to bring all the cats within a 10 mile radius to my garden, and a horehound which Voodoo has since managed to kill with his excessive digging (I'll replace it at some point).
The potatoes are growing like mad things in their growbags, half filled with dirt, and the rest with finely shredded paper. I may put another top layer of dirt on them just to be sure to seal them off from light - and I know the paper will break down eventually. The squash is looking pretty good, and the two toms that made it are now stationed outside (the grow houses proved to be superfluous this year and I'll be taking them down and storing them away.)
Proto-cherries! I've never actually seen cherries ripen before so I'm rather impressed at the brilliant green colour I have currently. There's only a handful of cherries on this tree, but this shows some good promise considering how short a time I've had this tree. The pears and apples are doing well too - nothing on the mulberry but as it only just decided to try doing the Leaf Thing I don't expect too much.
I haven't been out mowing or doing any weeding work as it's turned just a bit too cold and windy for me to do so, and my hands haven't been cooperating; on top of that, the sproggo's time out of school has meant I've been pretty much go-go-go for the whole month. I will have a fair bit of catch-up to do to get the garden tended and neatened up here and there, but I'm looking forward to having breaks from troublesome phrases or painting ideas by tugging a few weeds and waiting for inspiration to come from the least-expected corners.
Good stuff!

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