An Order Of Langished With A Bit Of Fatigue On The Side
0 comment Wednesday, June 4, 2014 |
I attended a party on Saturday evening in London; I have to admit, I guess my new life as a rather domestic hausfrau seems to be my calling as I didn't find it particularly enjoyable. I would have much rather have stayed home and saved the money for gardening! However, done is done so I'll deal with it.
The issue at this point, however, is that I'm still exhausted and sore from the train journey up and back; this is the price I usually pay for going anywhere. Travel for an hour, feel it for two days afterwards! Of course there were lots of other factors - I got up at 6am (only four hours' sleep) because I'm just plain not used to sleeping in, set to Wumpy-Time. I didn't have much food in the house and I needed to shop, but Sunday buses are slow, so I walked into town, sans breakfast, did my shopping and got back around 11:30 or so. I managed to grab a small nap but ex had a fair bit of man-flu (again) and so he brought sprog home early. Recouperation time has been scant!
I've been invited to another do this weekend but with two and a half weeks of Easter break coming, I need to reserve my energy as best I am able. This is especially true as there looks to be a change for the worse in the weather over the next few weeks. I have been hardening some of the plants in preparation for planting out, but I now think I'll be taking them in and parking them in the outbuilding as it appears we may be seeing some more snow toward the end of the month. What a bummer, but at least some of the garden stuff will get done.
And how! The volunteer garden crew has been out twice this week, making plans for the paving and what to cut back, what to remove, and what they can manage to get done this time - they're planning on coming back and doing more in the fall (!!!!!) which would honestly be quite awesome indeed.
The hope of course was that all this would be ready for Easter break and therefore sproggo and I could spend some time outdoors having a fair bit of fun and planting, but now, with the weather looking to get quite nasty, this may not happen according to plan. Still, I hope we can get a few seeds going indoors again and hopefully get some other stuff in the ground as needed. Planting will help to break up the days, and then I need to reserve my strength to make other entertainments as and when. Come to that however, D coming round to do the leveling and fencing may be "entertainment" enough as there will be a mini-digger and shovels involved and I've promised sprog he can watch provided he stays inside and doesn't try to distract anyone (which might prove to be difficult, but we'll give points for effort)
I'll hang in there- but today, a bit of cleaning (a stretch with me feeling this rubbish but afterwards I'll feel better for having done something) and a little bit more rest as needed. If, gods forbid, it's actually going to SNOW, then I'm going to be feeling it....I'll need to bring in a stash or three of Eastery stuff to do and, more than likely, a bit of Lego.