Envision Strawberries Here
0 comment Monday, June 23, 2014 |
I had every intention of posting a photo of some of my strawberries this morning, but then I ate one...and then I had another, and a third for luck and...well, end result, I've no fresh strawberries to show you!
They are coming in and doing well however; lots of strawberries ripening and more and more coming along. I'm keeping things fertilised but I've also pinched off some of the leaves to allow more of the plants to focus on fruit, and for the berries to have more sunlight. The giant strawberry planters I have really do the trick, but my one complaint is that the strawberries don't get much light at the top, and none at the back, so I don't use the back-slots for runner plants. Still, I've got more than enough strawberry plants at the moment for me and sprog to have a handful of berries every day, which saves a fair bit of cash of the grocery front when fresh fruit is available like this.
We are in for a dry spell (no one dares to say "drought" yet). I have to admit I wish I could be more concerned, but it seems like it's been ages since we had a proper summer! Right now I'm loving the sun and the weather and the impromptu ice-cream sessions. We haven't had a barbecue yet, but when sprog is home for summer hols I imagine we'll spent most of our time eating outside, and there will be plenty of barbies then. We've finished most of our elderflower cordial (though there's more in the fridge for later in the year) and we've moved to a mint-and-lime concoction I've made recently which both sprog and I like and drink in copious amounts. This does however mean that I have been keeping a eye on the water situation and, even though we live on wetlands, I'm aware there may be a hose ban on during the summer at some point. I'm trying to grow the grass back in and also keep the garden watered right now, but I'm also aware that the garden may suffer a bit during August if things continue as they're doing now.
So for now I'm watering like mad while I can, although I cringe a bit; I really wish I could use the bathwater for some of my watering needs but I'm not sure how that works - for all I know there's probably regulations against it here in the UK. I don't like using all this water just to grow some grass, but the dust-bowl out there currently isn't fun for sprog and it's given my dog yet another eye infection, so needs must. Today will be a bit of a light lunch and a glass of Something Rosey as today's requirements are sorted and I need a bit of rest for tomorrow (sprog dentist appointment, whee - and a long bloody walk up a big bloody hill at the end).
Other stuff has included getting some financial help as I have officially closed my business (yay, I'm now going to be One Of Those 'orrible Benefits Scroungers...picture my enthusiasm) and turning an eye to mobility issues, the potential of getting some help with getting out and about, and also what I'm going to do about the currently quite-rubbish-path up to my place.