Bring The Sun!
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One of the things sprog has definitely inherited from me is my sun-worship genes - these are definitely NOT from the English, who spend as much time moaning about a cloudless sky and hot weather as they do when it's been pissing it down raining for a week. But sproggo doesn't complain about the heat, or the sun, or want to come inside after a scant ten minutes. We ate our lunch under the full brunt of Father Sun in the sky (liberally doused with sun-cream), and then we played with bubbles and did some planting and generally hung out, just soaking it up.
I put in a second bed of flowers this morning after taking the opportunity to watch and see where the sunlight falls in the afternoon, and sprog and I planted his sunflowers. We've also laid down some cardboard as the foundation for another bed next to the rosebush and the compost heap, and will hopefully be able to install some further plants in there when the time comes.
My Cunning Plan of hiding Wumpy-House to the side was foiled within seconds, as my son's hyper-sense of detail picked it up immediately. However, he's being quite good about not going on and on about it and wanting it up right this minute. My only concern now is that it's actually supposed to rain that weekend, which not only scuppers painting plans, but also may put a severe crimp in the fair I was going to attend. Sort of a bummer, but the plants need a good soaking, and my waterbutt needs a fill again.
In the garden, the strawberries are starting to set - can't believe it's that time already. In a week, June, and that means strawberries at the PYO will be coming out in earnest, and here's me without a spare freezer - I opting for getting the fence and house painted instead, and with a cut to my work-hours, I no longer have the funding at the moment. However, after the paint and the work on the landscaping, this is the final expenditure on the garden for the year. We've come a very long way and I think the rest of the year should be spent cultivating and enjoying what I now have. There will always be more to do, so all in good time.
And now, to play in the water hose with my son for a bit.

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