The June Garden
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In a word? Lush! As in, I was ill two weeks and due to rain and recovery haven't been able to mow or weed at all! So things were getting a bit neglected out front and I've managed to remedy it. With a housing benefit backpay coming in, I have been turning my mind to what I should use it for; I've already ordered some things to update sprog's room a bit - he's in a Ben 10 phase at the moment and his curtains have needed replacing anyway, so I decided to do the full works! But the pathway has been a bugbear of mine and I'm also turning my mind toward the fireplace and a solution for the cold winters we've been having. Yes, I know, I'm only renting but both things really need doing. I just have to figure out how to accomplish it.
Yes, seriously. It's such a bodge it isn't true - this is exactly how the "path" looked in the back last year until the volunteers came and took it up, and this path is the main reason I was more or less housebound and unable to even take my bins up and down during the winter. It's also one of the main sticking points for me as far as purchasing my own scooter as I simply cannot get anything up or down this mess, let alone the step at either end. A solution needs to be worked out this year - namely, I pay for it, because if I do any sort of landlord wrangling/social services appealing, I'll be waiting for years. I have the money now, so I'll just try and call round and get it done.
This is the fireplace; essentially as far as I can tell it's perfectly sound, it just has been boarded up is all. I imagine it needs lining and maybe a new flue, but otherwise I think it actually would work fine as a open fire. I had grand ideas of restructuring, a cast iron stove and so forth, but I just don't have the money for that. I have no idea how much lining and on will cost, and I know it won't be a cheap job but it can't be any more expensive in the long run as having to plug two space heaters on downstairs just so I can get my fingers to work. I really miss having an open fire, and even though my son is fascinated by fire he is now of an age and understanding that he knows the dangers. Getting a fire guard to keep the cats out of it will also be a requirement, but I'll work on that and get some quotes going for this too.
In addition, even more house de-cluttering, paint ordering, and general tidying. Whilst Ex seems to think I've hit some sort of windfall and therefore can be "generous" with money at the moment, I've been sitting on house repairs for months as I thought I was going to be moving, then that all fell through so I've got lots of stuff to catch up on to make the winter a bit easier for me so I don't have to move unless absolutely necessary. Everything needs updating in here from curtains to carpet, and I'm not going to wait around for someone else to maybe-possibly-if-we've-the-funds-to-sort-it-out. So "windfall" will be used accordingly.
Today? We have our first strawberries from the garden to enjoy, and the broad beans and peas are starting to set some pods albeit rather late. Let the summer bounty begin to present itself!

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