And Now, The Price
0 comment Saturday, May 31, 2014 |
The tea party was great fun had by all although the friend with cancer was feeling too rubbish to come. Putting on a soiree as I did, staying up late and being around folks with more exposure to bugs than I have gave some pretty obvious results. Today I'm feeling rather feverish, my throat is sore and I'm having some breathing trouble. I feel absolutely crap. Ugh.
But what to do? I'm usually indoors for weeks at a time with minimal exposure to the outside world. The knock-on effect to being housebound is that I don't come into contact with the stuff which can knock me for six. I don't just get "a cold" - I'm feverish and miserable for months. As I'm not certain what's going on with my immunity I don't dare take immune-boosting herbs as it seems to make other things get worse (my skin rashes have only just started calming down recently). If I had some oranges I could do some juicing which does help but no joy.
So, at the best I will hope for only a few days lost and scrape up as many spoons as I can to get my son's meals and things sorted out. No work for a while. Bleh.