Epiphany Moment
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Today's fixing day went pretty well; trousers sewn up, page repaired, and I now have four chairs in working condition rather than three. The weather is still iffy but at least I don't have to hand-water today; granted, yesterday that was sprog's treat, and is now his regular duty. He loves the responsibility and he gets more hands-on plant time, which at the moment has been thin on the ground.
I've also had a moment of "duh" when I realised we were out of milk (le-sigh, out of everything). I can't stand drinking tea without milk or sugar, and we don't have either. So I turned to the mint growing outside and some dried chamomile and made my own herbal tea, which was so nice even sprog partook. It's inspired to me to put a bit more effort into the home-herbal and tea gardens at home. I have a mission to get some bergamot and violets, but I mustn't forget the mint and chamomile I already have on hand.
I've also been feeling a major haus-frau moment, where I want to do loads of baking and homecooking a bit more fancy than my usual fare. I'm a bit of a foodie, but honestly I don't have the time to make fancy meals for myself and then something completely different for my son. Still, I've come across The British Larder and, while some of the recipes are well beyond my son's interest and my own budget, there's some really nice breakfast combinations and even some things I may be able to add to sprog's lunchbox. The Gorgonzola/smoked bacon polenta muffins gave me a giggle though as I've made those in the US which was just considered "soul food". Still, it doesn't mean it isn't really, really delicious. Since more and more of our meals are happening outside, it seems Sprog is more adventurous when we're having an outdoor picnic or barbecue, and I'll take full advantage of that in order to introduce him to foods we normally wouldn't have about.
The veg patch is looking good! For the first time this year, I've left the tomatoes and squash out overnight, and they're just fine. They'll just need a bit more outside time before placing, but I'm looking forward to sorting that out this week.
In the meantime, general domestic-y stuff, getting the stockpile sorted out, and hopefully, FINALLY, a batch of soap a day so I won't have that lurking over my head.

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