Spring Is Springing And Much Is A-Bustle
0 comment Wednesday, May 28, 2014 |
I am not a huge daffodil fan, I readily admit (I don't really like yellow - maybe that's it) but I do have to say I am overjoyed to see daffodils everywhere right now. Spring is springing! I'm overjoyed and watching eagerly as bulbs appear all over the garden and bluebells force their way up through the soil. The fruit trees are budding away and while they're a bit behind due to microclimate, they're still making a showing. The strawberries in my tubs are starting to show some interest in growing as well and everything is coming up and getting into Doin' the Spring Thang.
The cats have all been feeling it as well and my garden lately has been swarming with cats all looking to expand their territory. I have been allowing the three lads outside more and more often for longer periods in order to establish themselves in the grand feline scheme-o-things; no I have no idea how it works but they seem to, and while there have been some stares, hisses, standoffs and tense moments where all three of the boys have disappeared entirely for a while, they come back looking smug, tails high and demanding lunch.
Today is so amazing-gorgeous out there that I have decided we'll hook up the garden hose and child can honour the hallowed tradition of Watering the Plants; he's been asking for a few weeks now and I have put it off as when Sprog waters plants, he also waters himself, the trees, the laundry next door, the sky, and whatever else he can reach, so it needed to be a decent day where he wouldn't freeze!
I've planted the first of the spuds in their growbags and realise I really need to get some more topsoil. The tomatoes, chilies and squash seed are now getting busy to germinating indoors and I'm hardening off the cuttings of the osteospermums I took last year. They're not very robust but if last year was any indication that won't be a problem - they'll grow like mad regardless! Marigolds are also hardening off outside and I'll chose a spot for them to carry on and reseed in a pot or two.
As a matter of fact I have a load of pots at the moment, and very few of them have anything in them! This must be remedied and I think there's a garden centre trip in my near future.
It's all looking like spring is finally here, and soon will be the first mow of the garden, the first picked salad, and the first nicely chilled cider with an al-fresco lunch for the first time.