I Haz Tomatoze
0 comment Wednesday, May 28, 2014 |
Okay, that's enough of that textspeak, but still, imagine my chuffed-ness when upon watering my toms today I discovered that two plants were setting fruit! Of course the fruits are minuscule, but I'm still quite pleased with developments so far.
Everything is doing its best to get going for summer, which has given me quite a few smiles today, considering I'm buried up to the eye-teeth at the moment with getting my stall offerings ready for Sunday. Even more labels and things are being printed out and glued on, loads of stuff still to be packaged and sorted through and counted, cash to be turned into change, and double-triple counting and hoping it doesn't rain. I've never done outdoor events before so this might prove "interesting" - I've got a sneaky suspicion I'm going to run out of stock well before the event is over, which is both good and bad!

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