It Pays To Persevere
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Fighting exhaustion paid off, as my friends and I managed to find a farm nearby which had all their strawberries growing in raised growbags in a greenhouse. End result - their strawberries are actually ready, while other farms are still lagging two weeks behind. The fellow running the farm grinned wide when we came laden with berries - "I've been waiting for pickers like you, everyone else is just picking by the punnet!" Still, he seemed to have a fair bit of business, and all this costed me only about �15. There's more than enough to freeze - one punnet is going to ex - and between these and the berries I'm growing outdoors, we'll have more than enough for the year. By the time these are done we'll be ready for raspberries!
These berries are deceptive - they're HUGE. So big we started calling them "stealth-apples" because we literally had to use two hands to remove them from the plants, they were so large. One strawberry takes several bites to finish off. All the way back home, we could smell the wonderfully fragrant berries in the back of the car, and fresh and warm from the sun, they're amazingly sweet.
So a lovely day out, with drives through the countryside and a delicious cream tea in a converted barn in Dorset. I couldn't ask for a better, more relaxing day; just what I needed!
Now, a raspberry liqueur spritzer and some more strawberry preparation shall be happening. Housework be cursed for another day.

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