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I managed to get sprog's room 80% painted - I had to rush the clouds as Ex called with a case of Man-Flu and will be dropping sprog off several hours early. Painting sprog's room proved to be quite an undertaking; this house has quite a few issues and I keep discovering more.
I had it in my mind to remove the wallpaper as sprog had already started peeling it off - I don't quite know how old this house is or what sort of plasterboard was used underneath (and some plasterboard and paint contained lead back in The Day). So I decided to strip the wallpaper and seal the surface underneath with plaster-sealer just in case. Cue a long walk down to B & Q and back, laden with paint - not a light job in any event and I think I'm going to seriously regret it tomorrow, but needs must. I don't have a car and a cab is too expensive. It was a fair bit of a trudge but I managed it.
When I got home and started to get to removing the wallpaper, the just-in-case proved to be spot on. The builders in their infinite wisdom put the wallpaper directly over the plasterboard paper, without any sort of primer barrier or anything. As a result, the wallpaper stripper started stripping the plasterboard glue as well. There were places I had to leave the wallpaper on unless I wanted to take away bits of wall too - and some places where that was unavoidable. Yay for plaster sealer!
The job still managed to get mostly done, the paint went on great, and I was just starting on the clouds when Ex in Distress called and I had to pack it up. I think the clouds need a bit more work, but it looks more like a kid's room now. Sprog loved it but said what I pretty much figured he'd say; "Do the ceiling too, mummy!"
Actually, that's not a bad idea. Yes, I have photos and I'll try and put them up in a sec, but I'm settling a sprog a bit early tonight; a nasty run-in with some sweeties on the train has made sprog rather difficult to control and a bit wired (ex apologised and won't be giving child those again, sprog had a meltdown on the train). Bubble bath to the rescue.
But I'll need to do some more blinds first; the rather faded rust-red draperies that are in there now just don't go. I'll have to get some ideas for fabric...with some blackout material behind it. For a child who will be up just before the rising sun and refuses to go to bed if the sun is still up, blackout blinds are rather important!
So the next project is breaking out the new sewing machine!

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