Garden Score!
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |
It's shocking sometimes what people will throw away....
Had a quick visit with next door neighbour as she's been having money issues of late and has been desperately trying to find a job - but everyone knows jobs are thin on the ground right now. In addition to her job hunt, I've encouraged W. to have a go and growing some food to supplement her table and save a bit of cash. She has the space for a raised bed, certainly, and the inclination, but she just doesn't know where to start. We brainstormed about composting, about what to grow and how to grow it, as well as growing in a small space. We talked about raising chickens but when I described despatching the non-layers she looked a bit panicked, so maybe not! Still, there's other things one can do with a bit of ingenuity, and she's got enough lying about that we'll probably be quite capable of getting something sorted for her.
She had a brainstorm of her own, actually. She called the former tenants of my house (who moved up the street a bit and are refurbishing) and asked about some pots they said they had lying about that they wanted to get rid of. I thought they would be some simple plastic things, nothing fancy but certainly would give my neighbour a chance to grow a few things in.
We got there, and started digging about in their destined-for-skip pile, and found pots aplenty. LOTS of pots, and only a fraction of them were plastic; the rest were heavy duty terra cotta, and very large, some of them were even glazed and decorated. There were chicory-forcing pots (at least I think that's what these are, they're very tall and I can't imagine what else would go in them), strawberry planters, huge pots of just about every size and description and plenty of varying size plastic things for the kids to grow a few pretty things in.
We're going to give them all a good scrub and get rid of any potential disease or issues with a light bleach-soap solution. I'm still amazed at this particular windfall as with all that terra-cotta out there, it has to be at least �200 worth of pots that were just going to be bunged into a skip. I'm rather grateful we managed to get them back here and intend on getting them into use (with several trips and a fair bit of huffing and puffing as I'm still rather stiff).
W is excited and I'm going to be sifting through my seeds this year to figure out what I might be able to help her grow on. I don't think I can manage a growhouse this year, much as I want one, but we'll put our heads together and figure out a way to get tomatoes to do their thing if we can.
Meanwhile, it's trying to snow outside, but I'm not fussed. Plans are in the making!