Fibro Fog Day
0 comment Thursday, May 15, 2014 |
It gets like this sometimes:
Commonly referred to as fibro fog, this symptom is a conglomeration of cognitive challenges. Fibro fog is understood to be a physical symptom of fibromyalgia, not a psychological one.
Just as no two individuals experience fibromyalgia in the same way, fibro fog also has a varying range of indications, including:� Mental confusion� Fuzzy thinking� Short-term memory loss� Inability to concentrate or pay attention� Language lapses
I have been in such a rush to do things this weekend that I slipped a bit. I ate takeaway rather than make my own meals. I worked a fair bit outside, didn't get to sleep as soon as I should have, drank too much tea, haven't been taking my supplements or drinking my herbal teas. I have just tried to undertake three projects and had to stop almost before I started as my attention wandered, and I did many different false starts. Frustrating in the extreme, but I cannot force anything when it gets like this. Even typing is an effort, as I'm having to backspace repeatedly over errors (and as I used to make a living typing, this is quite unusual for me).
So, that's pretty much the "end" of my day right now. I won't be doing much but cleaning my house and picking up bits here and there, doing laundry, washing dishes, very low-key stuff. When my brain is back online, I'll consider doing more.