Calm Before The Storm
0 comment Tuesday, May 13, 2014 |
And not just the weather!
I'm sending in the first of my grant paperwork today; this is for the fence and for the ground leveling, which hopefully will result in at least one of these getting done. I am still waiting on the Doctor's letter for the second grant to go in, but that's probably best as it means I'll hopefully get either a yea or nay from the Family Fund first.
So, off it goes, and let's cross our fingers for a miracle.
In the meantime, I've made my own embroidered tea towel. I'm of course stupidly chuffed about it though I'm sure in a week I'll have a tonne of criticisms. Still I found it rather strangely therapeutic to do even though it took a fair bit of time to complete. I'm considering selling these if I can make some interesting designs....