Languishment Recovery Mode
0 comment Monday, October 6, 2014 |
I did manage to get out and free the found peony from its shrubbish bonds - and discovered why the rosebush in the corner was struggling; the thorny bush had some really huge root system which had weaselled its way to the rosebush, stealing nutrients. I cut a load of brush away, clearing to the wall, and will have to give it a clear. However, it's raining. A lot. And tomorrow, same. Saturday will be our first clear day.
And I'm feeling it. I couldn't lift a finger to do owt today if I wanted to. I don't know why it gets like this; SAD, or barometric pressure or whatever it is, but every joint aches. My hands were swollen this morning, and typing is difficult so this will be it for the day. Shoulder at least is starting to feel better, but my knees and I aren't getting along whatsoever at the moment. Even sitting and standing is proving an effort.
Best I can do is rest up a bit and maybe get a spot of laundry or something done. I don't like being this "meh" but energy levels need to be maintained in the best ways I can manage. One can't fight it -it just makes it worse.
Here's to an upturn.