I'Ve Got To Get Me Some Of These...
0 comment Monday, October 6, 2014 |
I'd never had a loganberry till this weekend, and I must stay, I've been an idiot.
My belated birthday get-out-and-about came on Sunday when a friend gathered me up in her car and we went for a drive to gather some raspberries; I wanted to fill the freezer for the future as well as get a bit of a change from strawberries as (shock!) sprog is starting to get rather bored with them! The refreshing tart taste of raspberries has been a welcome change and it just so happened that some of the loganberries were in as well. I'd never had one before, so my friend and I bought a punnet each and gave a try - the look on her face was hilarious actually, as she wasn't expecting the sharp tartness at first. As for me...wow, what an impressive fruit, a hint of sharp then mellowing into an amazing sweetness and still a tang of a finish, I couldn't help by exclaim, "Good gods, this would make some amazing wine." My friend however is teetotal and merely looked bemused.
I haven't made any wine this year as I've been rather hard-pressed to decide what to make; strawberries, I probably could have done but we were too busy eating the fruit for me to want to make wine out of it. The cherries this year have been a bit disappointing (and they're a real pain to pit out in order to make wine with them). Elderflower cordial was drunk almost as quickly as it was made, and raspberries are so dear at the moment and take such effort to pick that making a whole batch as wine is just not something I felt I could take on. But these loganberries, now....what an amazing flavour! I'm actually considering rather than take on the effort of making them into wine, I might go and pick a fair load of the things to turn into liqueur instead. You don't require anywhere near as many berries, and it doesn't take as much faff or time.
I discovered last night that loganberries with cream poured over the top is about the most deliciously decadent way I've had fruit in some time. I'm absolutely besotted with loganberries now, and they're taking pride of place right now, even over my beloved raspberries. So I've taken half of this precious loganberry punnet and frozen the fruits, along with some of the raspberries and the strawberries from the garden to pull out during the winter as a prized treat for Christmas dinner. The mind whirls with possibilities.
I've been trying to think of how I could possibly grow this sort of stuff in my garden, and I do actually think I've come up with a solution, but it will require a masonry drill and some wire....still, I was thinking about that kind of system for raspberries, but after sampling these loganberries, I best make some room to add these to the garden as well.
As my son would say (covered in berry juice) "om nom nom nom"