Note From The Doctors = �20 Please...
0 comment Wednesday, September 3, 2014 |
No, I'm not joking....
The second grant I am applying for is Gardening for Disabled Trust. It is necessary for me to get a doctor's note of my condition for this, and for whatever reason (my surgery isn't the sharpest), they seemed to think this was a housing letter. In any event, the letter is done, but they charged me �20 for it.
If you're on NHS and you need a letter from your doctor to apply for disabled housing, are you telling me that they charge you for this? I am absolutely appalled; how difficult is it to type up a letter? I was a PA and home typist for years, and I certainly never got �20 for a letter. The attorney might have, but a NHS doctor? I'm furious, but like everyone else in this sort of situation, I'll pay it. Without it, I can't get the grant, and without it, disabled people couldn't apply for grants for their own homes or for council housing.
Still, I'm completely agahst.
The good news is that it's GORGEOUS outside, barely a cloud. I've taken the dog for walkies and I even opened some windows just for a fresh breeze. The birds were in fine chorus this morning, so let's hope for spring!