Getting Back On The Wagon As It Were
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Just back from rheumatology appointment and have received the first doses of medications I'm about to be tried on to try and slow the joint destruction down. At the moment I still have "mystery arthritis" as they're not sure what category I'm in right now. However they are finally taking it very seriously and I've had more blood tests, injections, more stuff scheduled in the future and things progress pretty quickly, so that's all good news. The side effects don't look like they're going to be a lot of fun if I get hit with them, but it just means I have to be rather vigilant and just be sure not to write off a symptom and try and tough it out.
I'm glad for these developments as the past week has been...Difficult. With a capital D. It's often a toss up whether the pain in the joints or the crushing fatigue is the worst bit of the issues I've got at the moment. It's difficult to say. The lawn is overgrown and looks neglected but I just know there's no way I can tackle it today; I'm so fuzzy and brainfogged I didn't entirely trust myself to get home without sticking to a very careful plan of just getting on the bus and staying on it. Operating equipment with whirring blades is definitely right out! I sleep through most of the day and only get up when child gets home, and so I've been doing for the past week. It makes me boring but I hope today I can break out my china and we'll have a little tea party together. The lawn can wait a bit (though it hurts my pride, it really does!)
In sort of squee news, I've bought two HUGE canvasses which were on clearance - I've wanted to work BIG BIG BIG for a while now, so I'm looking forward to giving those a shot. I also have water mixable oil paint as well to play with, and looking forward to experimenting with that. With the arrival of new paint child's painting interest is up again - he hates using "baby paints" as he calls typical tempura with some disdain! - so I often let him break open mine and have a play. I don't really think of it as "wasting paint" as there's no other way to learn how to use the stuff, and sometimes just watching him I get a feel or idea for a new technique. Besides, it's just another of those little things we can do together.
But for today, I'll be putting my wrist splints on, popping some food into the oven (foresight has required I have a stock of prepared food on hand, maybe not handmade by me, but locally made by others so my principles are intact), and doing blissfully nothing at all today while I wait to see what the injections and pills do to me.
Here's to hoping we're taking the right steps toward me gaining at least a small percentage of my life back. I'll take that, smiling.

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