Feeling It Yet?
0 comment Tuesday, September 9, 2014 |
I've had my heat on the past two nights....in August. Weird, man. But I'm certainly revelling in having some autumn comfort food a bit early; leek and potato soup, and yesterday's roasted squash cooked with some of yesterday's stock, coconut milk, tumeric and frozen coriander from my garden into a utterly delicious pumpkin soup which I've just stuffed myself with.
It's been absolutely horrendous outside; wet, dreary, miserable. I haven't managed to venture out at all, staying on my daybed and watching the grey and drizzle come down. It's been rather boring, really, but there's nothing else I can do about that. I often have days like this when I think "is this really about the fatigue or am I just lazy?" But then I want to do fun things like do some baking, some sewing, go pick blackberries, visit my friends, and realise....no, it's too much struggle.
A nice spot to my day however was a rare sheep breeder confirming my first order of lamb. Jane from Langley Chase is a wonderful lady, and not only did we talk about my order but just about everything else; she even invited me and sprog to the farm in March to see the new lambs! This is the sort of friendliness I enjoy when dealing with local farmers, and I'm sure sprog would love the visit. I'm going to get a few of my friends together and we'll try and make a day of it.
For today, I've finished my soup, having a glass of white wine and I'm watching the rain fall. It's going to be another night of the heater on, but I will manage. I just wish the insulation people would hurry up and get here to sort things out, I'm not looking forward to shivering another winter.

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