Digging, Pink-Tree And Windchimes
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It's a semi-lovely day outside, bit of sun with a bit of gloom, then a bit of sun again...it's enough to get us donning our wellies and getting outside (though I am having to have a care, my feet are painful to walk on - that was going to happen when I was all over the place on Monday, I pays for my days out, luvs). I managed to hobble to the bottom of the garden and get some of the composted soil from the tomato/pepper dump, then brought this back in a bucket indoors so we could do some indoor planting.
I did a tray of wildflower seed - figure I'd start them in there then transplant them when they've grown of a height into son's bit of the garden, or down in the second bed and just leave them to it. They'll be rather pretty and may also act a bit as weed control so hurrah there.
Whilst I was outside, I had a think about what to add to the garden this year, and how far to make the budget stretch. I also did a bit of womble for inspiration. I had some large chimes outside which were lovely but between sprog and dog they didn't last long! I am however thinking of adding some chimes again this year and there's a really cool site where you can actually listen to the chimes before you buy them. I've never seen this before, but it puts a smile on my face every time. Sprog rather digs it too so maybe he won't be so rough on them if I can put them up somewhere safe.
I really wanted to be outside just a bit longer but the pain isn't going to leave me be. Can I again thank the deities, charities, and Independent Gardening that I got the garden sorted last year with some presence of foresight? Truth is my mobility and health has got a lot worse, and the worst-case-scenario planning seemed a bit doom-and-gloom at the time, but now I'm very grateful it proceeded. I have a sturdy surface beneath my feet outside, no more uneven hilliness and I have the raised bed to work in! The big stuff was sorted, and now it's the small stuff I have to deal with: I'm finding I'm going to have to find some sort of portable thing to sit on while I work. Even if it's just a bucket, I don't care, but need to sort it. But this also brought me in mind of what to do for seating on the patio outside. The chairs work fine for wump but, let's face it, my cripple-bulk is too hard on the furniture I have. Besides the point, it isn't such a good idea for me to have my feet lowered for such a long period of time, nor for me to be outside unprotected from the sun. Most loungers are too low, I'm finding - so whilst the one near to Wumpy House is doable when he's in his bit of the garden, it isn't all that great for me; too low to get in and out of and, more to the point, my son being the tactile kid he is he ALWAYS has to be on a seat with me and the lounger isn't big enough for that. So, a Outdoor Languishment Couch is looking like it's going to have to happen in the future. I feel a bit weird about this; it's frightful indulgent for someone wot is Benefit Scrounging Scum, and buying things for myself is still problematic for me. But then I had to go through all the checks and balances of symptoms vs spending time outside safely and after a bit of squirming, sigh, yeah, guess so. Curling up with child outside as the sun sets on comfortable furniture is a dream of mine and always has been, we both love being outside so much and I really want to spend some late nights out with candles and lanterns lit, just hanging out. I'll save up for it somehow and make it happen.
I haven't forgotten the "pink tree" as sprog calls it either! He's fascinated by Acer palmatum "Oridono Nishiki" - a Japanese maple which has a lovely variegated pink tinge to its leaves. I've wanted one but wasn't sure where to put it or how to place it. Definitely needs to be in a pot! If I manage to save a bit after doing the obligatory spring clothes/shoes shopping in the next few weeks, I'll do what I can to score one of these for him and find a suitable pot to put it in and do it justice.
I've taken the last of the strongest paracetamol I have; there's stronger stuff in the house but when child is home I really can't risk it. So this will have to do and I will use my stick indoors just to keep from falling over! Still, the sunlight is coming out in fits and starts, I have a bouquet of tulips and roses which child and I have already discussed at length, we have the biscuits I made and frosted yesterday to share and it at least FEELS springish. I hope today has put him in a better mood for the rest of the week at school, and long may it continue into the week after. Give me strength to not need to break out the stronger meds, and hope for lots of sun so child can wump away in the garden space unhindered.

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