A Bit Of Soap-Age
0 comment Thursday, September 25, 2014 |
As I've now back to having a debit card, whilst I still pay bills in cash to keep track of where the money is going, I have a bit more freedom for purchasing. Not that I allow things to get well out of control as much as I used to, but there have been things which have, ironically, been difficult to get in order to live more simply. Simpler cleaning supplies for one - and I have been buying laundry soap to use rather than making it as I was doing. Ridiculous really since, now that I'm no longer making soap and toiletries as a business, I've loads of soap to use up, and grating it into laundry soap worked brilliantly.
I'm not really able to get in and out of a bath anymore (le-sigh) and washing in the sink hasn't really been inspiring me to do anything fun soaping-wise. No more bath bombs, bubble bars, and I've got more than enough salt bars but without a shower it's a bit redundant. I've got a fridge still loaded with solid oils (some, like the coffee butter, are very expensive and won't keep forever), liquid oils in bottles everywhere, and additives are taking up an entire section of storage space.
I've not got a tonne of energy, my blender fried a while ago - it's warranted for three years but I have been too exhausted to take it down and get a new one. My friends have more soap than they can use so I probably won't be burying them under soap right now. But there are things I want to do with the stock I've got before they start to go rancid on me and are unusable. I've never had much luck with body butters but I'll give a go, maybe do some shampoos or liquid soaps if I can figure out how to make them.
The pressure is off; no deadlines, no have-to-get-this-done-before-Christmas, just for laughs and fun and just for me.