Trees Are Here!
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Oh heavens, who knew a few twigs in a box could make someone come over all unnecessary. But I am overjoyed; my trees arrived today!
I am now the very proud owner of a King James black mulberry, a tayberry, a duo pear minarette and a duo apple minarette as well as (if I needed any more *boggle*) ten free strawberry plants. I may put these in with the trees as they're all going in pots (all are quite happy to be pot-grown provided you stay on top of the watering and fertilising).
In any event I bundled up and decided to sacrifice a few spoons to the lovely day outside. I put on the sunglasses but forgot the sunblock so hopefully I won't pay for that later! But I haven't been out in the garden since September and it was so nice to be outside again.
It was also rather heartbreaking as well. As I was getting rapidly more and more ill in the fall of last year and was in hospital early October, the weeds were really allowed to take hold and do what they would. There's a lot of very weed-infested ground out there and I was well gutted just looking at it! I thus set forth to clear a bit more of the raised bed as well as my horehound plant in its pot - especially as it was so hard to find the stuff last year, I certainly don't want to lose it. It also occurred to me the mint is in the completely wrong place and won't get any light where it's put, so that needs moving. And the bed will also need weeding.
Come on, legs...woooooork!
I refused to be discouraged however: I managed to heel my trees in (it will do for now till I get some soil in) and put the mulberry and tayberry outside as they were already potted up and should be fine for a bit. It wasn't much activity at all, but was I exhausted? Oh yes, yes I was. A mere half hour and I collapsed when I came in, managed to put some soup on for myself and had a cup of tea. Now relaxing and shall be for a few hours today as I've thrown several spoons well far away for all that.
But it was lovely; so nice to be out in the crisp air, pottering about and thinking of how excited my son will be, how eager he'll be to water everything and put on his gloves for "digging". How we'll be able to reconnect another spring and summer by working in the soil and growing things, and how he'll pick the leaves of mint off the plants and chew them with obvious delight.
Those days are coming - and if gardening means I'm obviously "too well to need any help" then fine. I'll struggle on with everything else but I'll save several spoons to garden.

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