Not Got The Spoons
0 comment Friday, August 8, 2014 |
Everything seems to be going well sideways all at once:
Child's annual meeting was yesterday. I managed to rally the ex to do a 180-degree turn on his former feeling on doing mainstream and we're pushing for a special school requirement. I'm not entirely certain what I'll do if it comes through as apparently in the government's infinite wisdom they are cutting specialist school transport (no, I don't understand that either) so even if we do get him in I have no idea how we'll get him to the school; a bus trip would take an hour and a half there and back, a taxi would be �15 a day. But I'll deal with that if we make it happen. However like all this stuff it will take, well, months of "discussions", meetings, plans, bringing to Council, and so forth before anything happens. Hanging in there for now.
On the personal front, with more issues than I really care to count I've been rather exhausted and all thoughts of gardening are on hold at the moment. At the urging of two friends with lupus I had to promise to try and get a referral to a rheumatologist. Anyone who thinks giving GPs more power over the process of getting a specialist is rather over-optimistic on how good the process will work, especially when GPs are being offered bonuses for saving money. In less than ten minutes I, as a "heartsink" patient (what a lovely term, eh? look up the definition and you'll be rather appalled) have to try to convince a GP that I am not a Worried Well or seeking attention, suffering a manic episode, or wanting pills. I wouldn't bother at all even trying this if said two friends haven't gone through exactly what I'm going through now, one with disastrous results - she was put into a mental ward and went slowly comatose until a visiting US doctor managed to diagnose her with lupus and not just "mental". Sounds like something from Victorian times, doesn't it? No: this was a mere 10 years ago.
So, request has been made (with me managing to bite my tongue literally when the GP stumbled, smirked and politely suggested that maybe I should just 'learn to cope with things'). I'm not all that hopeful, honestly, but I swore I'd try it. Heigh ho.
So, it's gone a bit quiet in the Gilded Cage. I don't have the energy for much at the moment. And another migraine is coming on (second this week). So time to get off the computer and get child ready for school, and "cope".