Calling Upon Elderberry'S Help
0 comment Saturday, August 9, 2014 |
Child has started the season of coughs and sniffles and ex told me this weekend that he had the flu - he neglected to share that tidbit of information before picking child up. As my immune system is utterly whacked at the moment, this means unfortunately that I am currently in a rather dangerous place. If I get ill, I will be ill for a month if last year was any indication. And, as my immunity is worse than last year, it's possible it could get very nasty indeed.
I'm feeling rather run down and blah today which heralds that already, even though my son has only been home since last night, and I didn't do anything but kiss him on the cheek goodnight, that I'm already exposed and caught the bug.
This is a problem; there's no one to watch my son but me, and if I'm down for the count, I will REALLY be down. The immune system issue is so severe right now that I have been refused the flu-jab; the GP felt it would potentially make me very ill, especially as I'm already suffering from an infection (no, it still isn't healing yet).
I need to be exceptionally paranoid about my health at the moment, which means even though I have appointments today and tomorrow, things to do (mailing of paperwork for my license was one of those things or I'll miss the deadline) I have to cancel it. I'm currently on severe prevention mode, and that includes pulling out the secret-weapon I created this summer.
All hail the elderberry syrup! I've praised elderberries in the past for their immune boosting and (still being tested) virus-busting abilities. As a matter of fact science is putting elderberries to trials as being potentially the only substance on the planet which can combat viruses. I've had batches of elderberry syrup in the freezer to pull out as needed, and now I need to dose up daily.
Going to make some paella today so I eat a proper meal, and then make some phone calls and then cancel appointments. Stay warm, wash hands, and chill is the message of the day.