Knock Me Over With A Feather
0 comment Thursday, August 21, 2014 |
My son just asked me if he could grow peas in the garden. He tried them at school apparently and like them very much.
My son is asking for a vegetable. This is such an event it requires its own entry.
I got my DLA paperwork today, three weeks after the award notice. I would be happy about the backpayment if the man I had spoken to three weeks ago hadn't refused to take my new bank details, said he'd "try to remember to post a note" to send me a form in the post to change the details (which never came) and that was that. I have discovered that even with my phonecall and telling them under NO account to send my money to the old account - I am currently filing under a DRO for that account - they did it anyway. End result? Last week, almost �800 deposited, and I was only about to get �350. The rest has been absorbed by the bank and there is "nothing the DLA can do".
I tried to close the door to the study so my son couldn't hear me sobbing, but he did anyway. I was "together" enough Monday to just get angry about the stupid administrative error that cost me over �400 and I transferred to customer service. Again "nothing they could do" supposedly but I was able to give a date and time on the call, so they'll be able to track who was on that day and I hope they get a good talking to. As for the rest, I don't know, but I'll give another ring this week. If owt else, they'll have to do something to just get me to shut up. As that was my son's room decor fund, I'm now set back a fair bit. Still, it will get done.