Herbal Landscaping And Motivation
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This is a very tiring week for me; I've slept for hours and hours and hours, and it never seems as if I've been getting enough. The trip out yesterday to Lacock was lovely but absolutely exhausting. Beautiful place, awesome bakewell cake and I've renewed my National Heritage card as well for even cheaper days out - my friend and I have decided we're going to draw a circle round our area and visit every single National Heritage site within the radius, which should be fun! But at the same time, we were out for six hours and at about hour four, I was starting to drift off in the car! The day before, I slept for six hours once I got home from shopping, and I was honestly barely capable of keeping it together in the store. I'm a bit worried as I've got so much on this week which needs to get done, but I sincerely question my ability to do it. I've not got many spoons today and I'm anxious due to sending my only ID I have to the DLA office to confirm my indefinite leave. I'm always in mortal terror of it getting lost in the post - and unfortunately to the incredibly draconian and not-very-pro-human-rights rules which came into effect in the US post Sept-11, getting my passport renewed is a two year process which, last I checked, requires me to leave my son here and go back to the States to first "prove" I'm not a terrorist. Seriously.
In any event, I've had a not-so-restful sleep tonight and I'm facing a day of bustle and errands at the hospital, followed by a bit more shopping and purchasing of reams of paper so I can print out details for the lawyer tomorrow. Food is the furthest thing from my mind (I haven't been eating much, though I try to get a meal in a day), and the garden desperately needs a weed and a mow. But I am getting out there and pottering a bit while energy allows. Yesterday, I planted some chocolate mint in what is about to become a rambling, wild bit of violets and mints toward the side of my garden path. I can never get enough mint, really.
Landscaping with herbs is something I really enjoy doing; herbs have their own bit of charm, I think and they can fill in rather quickly and add loads of interest to a garden. I have a bit dedicated to chamomile, sage, lavender, mallow and bergamot right now - it needs a weed and more soil, but I'll cultivate it and see how it goes. The goat's rue is doing nicely in a patch of weeds which have such lovely, pretty little blooms my son has insisted I leave them alone; and so I shall. The grass is growing in SO thick now after all the rain that most of the bindweed is being choked out of the lawn, and I'll keep cutting and tending as I can do.
I'm moving more slowly than I wish to, but at least I can do a bit of potter here and there and reap some rewards on the efforts. Harvested the last of my tatties and now returning the soil they were in to the compost - compost I hope to put on my beds in a few months' time. The squash is finally starting to flower, hopefully in time to make some fruits for me. The asters are starting to bring forth heads of flowers and I can't wait to see what they look like! Things progress even if I'm not quite fast enough to keep up. I have to admit now I'd be mad to try and do much work at the moment, my exhaustion is so overwhelming even putting dishes in the dishwasher is a massive accomplishment for me.
Now, to gather myself up best I can and get ready to start at least a few errands. I don't know how far I'll get but I'm going to try.

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