It'S Wine O' Clock
0 comment Sunday, August 17, 2014 |
Today has been rather manic; lots of shopping and stockpiling so I can get my bake on this week and restock the freezer. I made potstickers and froze them in advance so I can make them whenever I like, and I've got muffins and bread to bake for snacks and treats. Winning Spagbol was made tonight and my son ate a huge plateful, and has asked for the same tomorrow - he has also impressed me by reading his Stage 2 book all by himself (he has shown zero interest in reading, and now suddenly jumped up a level and is reading rather confidently - that's just how he does everything it seems). I still haven't done cleaning, but I got the dishes done and some more laundry - with more tomorrow. I've also wrapped soap - but after 1pm I was doing all these little extra bits like potstickers and soap-wrapping whilst sitting down; there was just no other way.
Sprog has settled quite happily into his garden-watering routine after school, and he isn't overly disturbed by activity from either side of the garden whilst doing so. He is focussed on his own tasks and not consistently pestering for attention from others, so that's certainly helping (though one lad in particular is a bit consternated he can't get the rise out of Sprog like he used to...and serves him right, too). My son is doing very well with taking care of the plants in his rock-garden beds, watering gently and carefully. He understands if he doesn't take care of them, the plants will die, and so he shows considerable responsibility. I am very proud of him.
It's not yet 7:30 however and all the day's activity has caught up. I'm very aware that I've got four days to prepare for this event, and no recovery time afterwards to prepare for the week of half-term time off. The aches and pains are kicking off due to everything I've been up to today, and I've got more of the same tomorrow. I'll try and stick to my four-hour window, however, and I'm a pro at wrapping and labelling, so it won't take too much time.
The fruit is coming in now; English strawberries are on the market tables, and I picked up several punnets. The cherries are starting to show as well, though the glut from Kent will, I hope, be in the next few weeks. The pick-your-own days are coming soon, and since my dishwasher is currently being temperamental, I'm foregoing any more plans for beer or cider, and focussing on getting the wines started for the year - this means I only need a bucket and a glass demijohn, rather than face washing and disinfecting over 40+ bottles! This year's plots and plans are strawberry, maybe raspberry if I can get out to the PYO, and rosepetal. I'm foregoing cherry as it works out as the most expensive - not nearly as expensive as buying it in the store, mind, but these are funds I just don't have at the moment. As it stands, I'm now in between cash flow requirements for sprog's dentistry, painting the Wumpy House (fence will have to wait a bit), and the freezer which I am desperate to get before fall. So if I'm doing wine this year, I've got to do it cheap and well. The rosepetals will be from my own garden plants, for example. Done it before and it was very delicious, so going to try again.
The busy time for me is coming, where I really won't have anything called a "break" until some time in July. So, speaking of wine, as the day cools and the sky threatens rain, I'm going to have myself a cup of rose wine and just....chill.