Melt And Tenterhooks
0 comment Thursday, July 24, 2014 |
The snow is starting to melt now for a mercy! It's a bit treacherous for me to walk so I decide to skip fashion for sense and go out with my walking stick just to be sure I'm a little more even-footed. Still, with the warmer temps I find myself thinking (rather irrationally) "Whooooo here comes spring!". A bit premature, indeed, but I can't help it. I want to get started outside!
The Family Fund paperwork came with - seriously - more paperwork about garden works. Even though they're the only charity who will even consider doing anything in the garden, apparently it's not as straightforward as I had thought. I'm a bit gutted - I thought all that waiting-for-a-decision stuff was over, but no, I've got even more to do. Argh! Gutted - but at least we can make a start and hopefully get it sorted (or at the least a yea or a nay) in March as the fence and clear is really the first thing I need to happen before I can really do anything else, though getting topsoil in before that would be good. Hopefully the awesome landscaper will be able to come out tomorrow or Wed and we can get that estimate sorted.
I've actually managed to get quite a few things sorted today; the gas bill turned out to be an error and it's nowhere near as much as they figured it to be (honestly not the fault of the company, but the letting agent read the meter wrong at the start). However it took a year and four different calls to the company for it to be spotted. My thanks to the lady today who was awesome and sorted everything out for me in record time!
I've done laundry, dishes, sorted out old clothes sprog doesn't wear anymore, calling the Trading Standards to come and check my scales on Wed. The end of this week, it's sample time to various shops and things in the hopes of securing orders for summer (I need to get the brochures and so on done by Thursday). I hopefully also have soapy shipments coming in; I haven't made any soap in over a month and I feel as if I've lost the knack! I'm feeling creative so we'll see what I manage to sort out.