Loaded Sills And Flowers
0 comment Saturday, July 26, 2014 |
I haven't quite filled every sill with seedlings but I'm getting close! The dining room sill is loaded with leeks, zinnias, some early peas and hollyhocks, as well as my dragon plant and palm in desperate need of repotting.
The asters on my kitchen sill are doing nicely, and I've got some very trimmed coriander which I started from seed a few months ago growing away. The small stub of a plant in the pot to the left is ginger; several cuttings are already doing very well and that sprout has just started. I just planted ginger I got from the local market which sprouted on me, and it's doing well!
The morning sun was so lovely this morning, and sprog managed to get a good photo before going to school. This is from his "breakfast seat" - he always sits at the end of the table. I've been trying to buy flowers (even if they're not visual florist perfection) every week to keep his love of flowers and colour alive. Seems to be working.
All in all a beautiful day, and now that I'm mostly recovered from a very rubbish cold, I'm doing some serious cleaning today, and maybe will even manage to get outside this weekend for the beginning of garden tidying. Here's to hoping!

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