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The weather yesterday was lovely and mild - and when that happens it usually means it's going to snow a cropper soon, which is exactly what is being predicted for the end of the week. As a result I've been baking and stocking the larders up again with plenty of food for the coming weeks just in case things go proper pearshaped.
Child has been using his own computer exclusively all weekend and the house was amazingly quiet as he watched Cbeebies and played Bob the Builder games. It was eerie - I was torn between wanting the constant nagging I'm accustomed to and letting him have a bit of independence and doing his own thing for a change. It was a really weird headspace for me but in the end I let him get on with it and decided I had a good opportunity for baking and cleaning. I did quite a few loads of laundry, cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen countertops and workspaces, baked the biscuits (even this activity couldn't entirely pull him away from his computer), baked bread for the week, and actually managed to hang up clothes which have been scattered all over the house.
So now I've got a tonne of biscuits to torment my waistline with in the tin, fresh toast for the morning, and an order of shopping to be delivered today which should carry me through into next week. Child is happy and content and I've gone up time to time to dance with him as requested to whatever he's watching but for the most part he's digging the whole independence thing and I'm being regaled to the "knock first before you come into my room muuuuuuuuum" talk.
I haven't been outside much, and I've had to make the decision to leave the compost pile to break down without adding anything further to it as I'm not sure when I'll be moving. This has been rather eye-opening as it seems my rubbish output has now doubled! Veggie tops, old paperwork and envelopes, egg cartons, mouldy bread, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags...all this goes into the rubbish now rather than my compost bin. I feel rather disgruntled about that but I want what's currently in the bin to break down as much as possible so I can give the raised bed a bit of a boost before I go. My cynical side says the people after me probably won't notice, but my personal conscience says it's only right. I'll definitely be getting a new bin when I move to the next place if it doesn't have one already.
So the day begins with cats fighting for space on my keyboard (why, I don't know), child charging back and forth upstairs which is a sign it's time to get breakfast and his Omega 3's into him, and I eye the tasks of the day and weigh up what I have energy for and what I don't. We'll see, but I'll start with the overflowing dishes and the dishwasher as per usual.
Heigh ho, and off we go.

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