Still Here!
0 comment Wednesday, June 18, 2014 |
Pretty much just in the "wait" period at the moment, and with the bill pressures I've been rather quiet as I've been worried about whether or not I could get everything in this month, but the grace period I was supposed to get in February has now appeared in March. WHOOPIE! This means I can get all the supplies to build the wee growhouse, get more soil and worm cast in AND possibly get a freezer for the summer surplus, which would be a good thing!
I stopped myself short of dreaming of fabric for new clothes for myself, let's not get too idealistic here....
Herb plug orders are being held up due to rather rubbish weather in the EU and overseas. I wanted Yukon Golds (my one splurge on flyer miles as these potatoes are native to Washington State) however it's looking as if these may never arrive. Therefore, I'm waiting on Dunbar Rover potatoes from Carroll's Heritage Potatoes. I like an all-round potato as I never know what the request of the week is going to be, and the Dunbar are apparently a really nice, floury spud. They apparently store well too which is of primary importance to me.
The hollyhocks I've been growing from seed are just starting to burst forth! Son so excited; the Hungarian Heart tomatoes and Yellow Pear varieties are also up, and the mulatto peppers are only just starting to show themselves out of the soil. This is fine, as the growhouse isn't ready yet and I'll be preparing that in a few weeks' time. Here's to being hopeful.
Asters and zinnias are coming along a treat, and I've started chamomile in various wee plots for "plugs" which I hope to intersperse here and there. Chamomile is one of sprog's favourite flowers, and I'm only too happy to oblige him. I also have a lot of sage on the go, and I think it's actually a very pretty plant so I have no qualms whatsoever using it in landscaping. I'm still waiting on sunflowers, and I've a few more flowers I can get a start on, though I never managed to get the impatiens to germinate.
I've noted my rose bushes are trying to burst into leaf, bless them! this is probably a sign I should be out in the front garden clearing out the bed where the bulbs are - there were hyacinths and straggling gladioli last year, must have been planted ages ago. I'll have to give all that a trim and cleardown so they'll have their chance to grow.
In three weeks, we'll be planning our cutting get together, and I'll be getting a fair bit of lavender, passionflower, and whatever else people feel like gifting my way. For my part, I've got peas and sage, chamomile and maybe some of the asters (as I've still got more of those as seeds, so can always sow more!). Really need to get more soil by then, but I'll manage that later in the month, even if it means a rather labourious B & Q run by cab to get all the soil back. But it's well overdue as I've indoor plants which are threatening to burst out of their pots, they so desperately need replanting and tending.
It's quiet, but we're still fiddling about on the planting front, trying to stay busy, though sprog and I and Ludo too would rather be outside in the summer sun.