Fence Done!
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Woot and thanks again to the DTEP; Cute Dread Guy stayed till 7:45pm, manfully nailing boards into place long after I would have said bugger-this, and it's now done and sorted. Sprog ran back and forth like a mad thing over the new dirt, I introduced him to chalkstone (of which we have no shortage whatsoever, this area is nowt but chalk beneath the flint) and we playfully marked of his bit and my bit on the new fence with chalk.
He wants to run all over the place, and I've gone over the soil to pick out anything he might hurt himself on, but the lads were thorough, so there was only a bit of rusty metal hinge and one piece of broken glass unearthed - the rest was copacetic, if flinty. No grass? Sprog hardly cares.
So, the major bit of the whole project has just been completed, and now we'll get the grass growing again. Beds will follow eventually, but not this year, I think. I'll just do what I can by growing a few things along the fence for now, and we'll just rest on the laurels for a bit, with a fair few photos and, hopefully, further advocacy for people in my same situation.
Gild the cage, y0.

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