Down To The Water
0 comment Monday, June 2, 2014 |
I haven't had a chance to get to the ocean for very long this year. This is something I often need to do during the year, as I start feeling almost claustrophobic in a landlocked area. Having the ocean so close in Seattle was part of my love for the place, and as much as I love where I am now, I know the ocean is still just a bit too far away.
The sprog-less week is almost up (it's been quiet but also a bit lonely, really) so there's no chance of just buggering off and getting down to the water now. However in mid-August I think I'll schedule for some quality ocean-time and just hang out by the water and do my thing.
Today however I've got a lot of gardening on the go. I'm taking things a bit easy after all the activity and bustle yesterday, but the grass is very long in the back, the sprog-beds need a good strim and weed, and I've been harvesting nearly all my onions and getting ready to get them all dried. The soil which was in the onion-growing pots will get worked into the flower and herb beds; the nutrient is pretty much gone from it, but the organic material will help to break up the clay a bit.
I'm drying chillies, drying basil and more mint, cutting and bringing the lavender in for drying, blanching more peas (not many, but it's enough for a couple of meals). Today I'm expecting the arrival of my dress form and patterns and hopefully next week I'll get a chance to get some fabric and make myself a few new clothes - sorely in need, me! And tomorrow, the sandpit will hopefully arrive. I best figure out how to get some sand and some toys for said pit, more bubble stuff...yay, going to be so much fun!
On for tomorrow is a birthday party but during the day I'm going to need to get some shopping in. The preparations for the return of the sprog commences.